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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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arrived both victims were pronounced dead. this is gun violence that sent shock waiver waves through the community in there was a bunch of us standing over there. knob seen nothing or heard nothing inthis woman didn't want her face on camera but tells "action news" she had no idea anyone was shot until a flood of cop cars swarmed her neighborhood block. police confirm two males were shot and killed inside this port richmond home this afternoon. the identity of the victims nor their ages have been released but "action news" cameras were rolling when loved ones arrived at the crime scene. police are now searching for whoever pulled the trigger. >> the tractor-trailer came up and asked us if we flu who this other guy in the house was with the boy there got shot. there was two of them in there he said and we didn't know. we told him no, we didn't know. >> reporter: you didn't hear any gun shots whatsoever. >> no, no. >> reporter: now, today's shooting marks 249 homicides so that means that we have already surpassed last year's
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total of 225. reporting live in port richmond, christie ileto channel6 "action news. >> christie thank you. now the latest on the paris attacks. the french defense ministry says it has launched its first airstrikes from an aircraft carrier hitting isis targets in iraq. the bombings happened in the cities ramadi and mosul. france has already carried out strikes genesis targets in syria. in the meantime in brussells belgium the highest terror alert remains in place tonight. it forced the closures of the city's subways schools and main stores. officials said today those closures would begin to be lifted as early as wednesday. and back here in washington, the debate has intensified over the federal government's plan to accept an deductible anl 10,000 refugees. the mayor of allentown continues to welcome refugees. he talked to walter perez in allentown about that. walter. >> reporter: as you
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mentioned local leaders here in allentown held a news conference today asking the public for donations to help the nine families already here from syria. but once again the discussion quickly turned to the raging national debate should syrian refugees even be allowed in the u.s. these six siblings are among the 44 syrian refugees who have already arrived in allentown. that father asked he we not show his face for fear that it will lead to retribution against his extended family members who remain in that war torn country. allentown mayor ed pawlowski offered a passionate response for people criticizing him for accepting refugees saying if allentown doesn't the city will repeat the miss takes made by the american government leading up to world two. >> we turned away a whole ship load of jewish refugees because of fear of political fear because of antisemitism many who went back to their deaths in concentration camps. >> reporter: but there are some syrian american leaders in allentown who have lingering concerns about who these refugees are and where they're coming from.
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aziz say president of the syrian american charity association says with the syrian government and infrastructure in shambles there's no reliable way of knowing who we let into the u.s. so he asked the question is it wise to open the borders to people who may come from a region where radical teachings. >> i don't want to mess up with the future of my children or your childrenly i want to keep my society clean. >> reporter: either way the future of these refugees in mercury mains uncertain. for the most part the political tie hack tide across the u.s. is leading to closing the border to syrian refugees. with that said mayor pawlowski asked his own question. if an innocent family is in a potentially life or death situation should we offer help based on their personal or religious backgrounds. >> the answer is no. should we welcome that family into this country, yes. if we don't, then shame on us as a nation.
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>> reporter: currently governors from 31 states not including pennsylvania have already said they will not allow syrian refugees into their state and legislation about this issue is currently being debated in washington. meanwhile full like to make a donation information can be found on reporting live from allentown, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> walter thank you. flags will fly at half staff tomorrow at state buildings in new jersey in light of last week's deadly attack is a at a hotel in mali. at least 20 people were killed on friday when islamic militants stopped a hotel. among the dead anita datar who grew up in new jersey and graduated from rutgers. today mali's president called for the world to unite against terrorism. it was the first three days of national mourning. >> after the attacks in paris and mali airports across the country are now on high alert headed of course into one of
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the busiest travel weeks of the year and that includes philadelphia international airport. until this week dogs were working behind the scenes sniffing luggage and cargo but now those dogs called passenger screening canines will be in and around security lines right out front. they're trained to sniff out chemical vapors associated with explosives there may be hidden in baggage. >> these canines could walk into a pizza shop and they would pick up on flour on the tomato on the basil and mozzarella so they're much more refined and sophisticated nose on these dogs. >> according to officials the dogs will not be intrusive on your trip through security. they're also reminding folks that the dogs are working, they are not pets so you are asked not to touch them. >> today was sentencing day for a bucks county teenager convicted of hitting and killing a student just a few feet from her school bus. "action news" reporter annie mccormick was at the court hearing and she has the story tonight from doylestown. >> reporter: this was a show of support from the family of
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16-year-ol16-year-old minete sas they gathered in court to hear he the judge sentence her convicted killer. michael she will received 11 an half to 23 months in bucks county prison and five years probation for vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter. last december while on his way to school shelley ignored a school bus stop sign and hit the popular teen as she walked to her bensalem school bus. in recorded jailhouse phone calls played in court today, prosecutors say shelley compared jail to summer camp. shelley's grandmother and attorney argued he was trying to keep family members from worrying about his safety. zeka's friend and family gave emotional statements and in total the judge read 30 letters. the judge said his decision was based upon sentencing guidelines and shelley was not under the influence speeding and did not show intent but he was reckless. young minete's family does not feel it was a harsh enough sentence. >> they're obviously disappointed and they're always going to be. they're never going to be
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happy. you know, because they can't get her back. and that's probably the only thing that would have made them happy and i completely understand that. >> that young man is incredibly remorseful. he's heartbroken, he is grief stricken and he has that family in his mind 24/7. >> reporter: the jump also said that shelley must make a video about reckless driving and distribute it to all local high schools. he also must contribute to minete's scholarship fund n doylestown, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> turning to the forecast it's chilly now but a warmup is coming just in time for the thanksgiving. meteorologist cecily tynan at the "action news" big board with some details for our holiday. hi, cecily. >> hi, monica. timing is everything and we will be warming up dramatically by the end of the week. today, though, definitely a chill in the air. the high today a measly 43 degrees, that's the coldest day since april 9th and that is 10 degrees below average and it feels even cooler than that when you factor in the wind. right now the wind chill makes it feel like 33 degrees in
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philadelphia, feels like 30 in trenton, 29 at the atlantic city airport. it feels like 26 degrees in allentown and 29 degrees in reading so almost a little bit of a winter-like chill in the air tonight and satellite6 along with action radar showing the setup. this is a great setup as we head through the holiday weekend. there's one high pressure near the hudson bay. there's another one down across the deep south so a double barrel high pressure. look for moisture. we don't really have any, just a few clouds across the great lakes and a few clouds streaming into western texas so that means we've got pretty nice weather as we head through the holiday week. so what's ahead? the chill will linger one more day. tonight the coldest night so far this season but then on wednesday, if you're traveling, it looks really smooth across most of the country and i'm tracking warm turkey for thanksgiving and i'm in the talking about your meal. i'll have all the details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. rick. great for the parade. >> all right, cold turkey at my house by the way thank you cecily.
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big eagles loss yesterday, flyers and sixers having a disappointing season so far. it's pretty much been a no win situation for our philadelphia sports teams lately and fans are fed up and throwing in their supportive towels. vernon odom is lie in center city tonight with how our philly fanfill -- philly fans ae coping. >> reporter: december they cope with grief in many different ways, tears, sarcasm, anger even withdrawal. we find a lot of ways people are simply coping. >> sometimes people panic and throw the baby out with the bath water. >> reporter: chip kelly reacting to the scorn he's getting from outraged eagles fans who are bitterly disappointed by his team's dreadful performance. penalties, failures to convert on third drown dropped passes and end lead list of mistakes leading to mounting calls for clip tour fired. the face and voices of birds fans. >> they need to get rid of
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chip. he's a college coach. he really does not know what he's doing on the pro level. >> i think it's sad that they gave him free reign to put this team together and everybody was excited and everybody is letdown. >> i think they got to tear down and start over. >> reporter: the coach? >> the coach/gm got to go. >> reporter: eagles are not the only philly pro team having a rotten season. the sixers have yet to win a game. the flyers are punching bags and the phillies they had the worst record in the majors here in 15. most fans understand there are cycles of ups and downs for pro franchises but if philadelphia, these are hard times across-the-board. >> the eagles are awful. the flyers were terrible and the sixers forget about it i stopped watching basketball. >> reporter: phillies. >> the phillies i love the phillies but they played horrible this year but they're going to get better. >> chip's got to go. >> reporter: phillies.
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>> phillies rebuilding. give them time. >> reporter: sixers. >> sixers are tanking again environment no idea why. what do they want another first round pick. >> reporter: flyers. >> oh, i don't even know where to start with the flyers. >> reporter: rick, monica, many said today at least temple's football team is a winner these days. live in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> absolutely. thank you vernon. >> all right. >> time for a check of the traffic scene let's see if that's winning outer there tonight. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how is your team doing, matt. >> what team would that be. >> the traffic team. >> we're in the doing well that's the bottom line rick and monica. sometimes the teams do well, sometimes they don't. the traffic is pretty much always bad and this afternoon here along 95 in the southbound lanes we have a crash making it even worse. this is right by allegheny avenue southbound side jammed solid from the betsy ross bridgbetsy rossbridge. off of 95 not too far away they opened richmond street which has been closed for construction since last february by the girard avenue
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interchange along 95. so that is some good news. watch out for some police activity this afternoon in kensington along jasper street. also have some in nicetown tioga along hick street and there's a crash to avoid right in eastwick along island and buist avenues. have a couple crashes in chester county one along concorde road at 926 street road in london by the greenhouses one along seven in this case near phillips mill road. crossing into delaware a wreck to avoid along route four at salem church road by d and h jamaican cuisine. slow speeds with a crash on 295 in camden county. we'll talk about that rick and monica in the next half hour. >> sounds good. thank you sir. >> thanks matt. >> much more to come on "action news at 5:00 the stress of college can affect students in many ways. a new study done by temple university found your bad skin problem is not one of them. we'll explain in health check. >> parkway is getting prepared for the big thanksgiving day parade. alicia vitarelli will tell us about how much work goes in setting it all up and the big names coming to this year's holiday event and we're not
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talking about cecily and rick. those stories and much morally. >> why not. >> bigger. >> yeah, bigger. when "action news" at 5:00 comes back. >> you're big to us, absolutely.
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>> in health check tonight next time you ask your doctor's office for a prescription, you may want to ask for a generic version. the american college of physicians tonight said doctors are prescribing too many brands name drugs when they say generics will do the same job. >> they are equal quality, are cost effective and can help patients take the medicines they need to take when prescribed. >> the college of physicians says the cost savings for just eight common groups of medicines would be $20 billion a year and most of that would be what patients don't have to pay in out-of-pocket costs. doctors group says patients are more likely to actually pick up lower priced drugs at the pharmacy and of course stick to their medication regimen. college may be a stressful time for many students and they pay for that stress with skin problems. a survey by temple university school of medicine say under grads feeling the most stress suffered with itchy skin hair loss sweating and itch cle hands when their -- than their less stressed peers did but
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interestingly there is no link between stress levels and facial rashers pimples which doctors just assume they would get. study leader say doctors treating young adults should ask about their stress. >> well, the holiday season is officially under way in atlantic city. >> three, two, one. [cheers and applause] >> the tropicana casino and resort held its annual holiday tree lighting this afternoon. the 35-foot tree is the centerpiece to winter wonderland inside the tropicana complete with snow and more than 100,000 dancing lights. >> very pretty. still ahead on "action news" to your we'll check that accuweather word. >> as we look outside from sky6 hd nice shot of the city hall there and the center city skyline. we'll get more from meteorologist cecily tynan about the holiday forecast including thanksgiving day when we come right back. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> 2000 boxes filled with the fixings for a thanksgiving feast were handle handled outers morning. the action cam was at the shop rite store as a number of community groups came to pick up the packages. brown's super stores which operates some local shop rite and its sponsors made
5:21 pm
donation. this food will feed 12,000 people across the city giving them a meal to remember. even the philly phanatic showed up for some holiday clear. cheer. keenan auto body donate add completely refurbished car to a local charity. family promise helps homeless and low income families around the country and the county. the director says the suv will allow them to take more people to appointments and pick up donations. >> very nice. >> well, it is the season for giving and donating of course but an "action news" investigation found some of the donations are actually costing local clarities thousands of dollars. here's wendy saltzman way preview of that. >> reporter: it's said that one person's trash is another person's treasure but sometimes it's just junk. >> people donate, you know, half bottles of lotion. i can't sell that. >> reporter: our cameras captured the dirty donations being left behind at local charities costing them thousands of dollars. >> unfortunately people bring
5:22 pm
junk. we have to clean up junk. >> reporter: plus what we didn't expect to see while rolling. don't miss my exclusive investigation charity junk drops only on "action news" tonight at 11:0 11:00
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>> time for a check of accuweather at the "action news" big board meteorologist cecily tynan here. a frigid start to the morning.
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>> we're going from chilling to thrilling as we head through the week we'll be warming up dramatically and we're live on sky6 taking a look at philadelphia international airport where we don't have any weather related problems with traveling and really that's going to be the theme as we head through the week. little bit on the breezy side winds currently out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour in philadelphia, 9 miles per hour sea isle city and 8 miles per hour in reading allentown and trenton so you factor in that with the temperature, the wind chill, the way it feels, feels like 33 degrees in philadelphia, 31 in millville, 30 in trenton and wilmington and allentown reading and lancaster the wind chills currently in the 20's. so, if you're stepping out this evening, you definitely do want a winter coat. satellite6 along with action radar showing as we were heading through the afternoon you could see these clouds that are streaming down. what this is, this is lake effect moisture all the way from lake ontario and actually produced some snow flurries in the poconos and northern lehigh valley. that's about 175 miles away so it's pretty far for that moisture to get here but now
5:26 pm
you can see all of that is eroding now that the sun has set and we're looking at a very cold night. cold for november. tonight temperatures dropping down to 30 degrees in philadelphia. many of the suburbs down into the 20's. millville all the way down to 20 degrees, allentown 23, reading and lancaster 24 and trenton 26. so the coldest night in eight months and tomorrow we he will hold onto that cool air one more day. the day planner showing maybe a few clouds early in the morning at 7 o'clock 32. then loads of sunshine but temperatures really struggling to make it up into the upper 40's. 53 degrees is the normal high for this time of the year but then as we head into wednesday, temperatures rebound. the travel forecast showing 51 degrees in philadelphia wednesday at 3 o'clock and you'll notice across the northeast we're looking at clear conditions, great weather if you're traveling to boston or new york city. heading to atlanta or charlotte, temperatures in the 50's, clear skies. could have a few showers just right along the southeast coast but generally we're looking at dry conditions and
5:27 pm
even chicago dry, 53. minneapolis some clouds but no snow, no rain, temperature in the 40's. so if you're travel on wednesday it's looking great. so the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow still chilly, plenty of sun but the -- the high only 49 degrees. on wednesday we bump it up to more seasonable, 53, no travel problems, good amount of sunshine. thursday looking fantastic. temperatures starting in the 40's, climbing through the 50's and by the afternoon, up to 64 degrees so perfect weather for the parade. rick you don't need your long johns on thursday. >> i'm already -- i already have them on. >> i'm not done yet. friday 68 degrees, saturday showers, 54. dry for the temple game. much cooler down the system on sunday. >> now you're done. >> now i'm done. >> no long johns for thanksgiving day. much more to come on "action news" at 5:00 as fear and uncertainty grips europe
5:28 pm
residents if brussells make a defiant stand against isis with tact. we'll show you. >> nation's 50 worst traffic bottlenecks in our region. are they part of your route we'll have details. >> we'll tell you how you can give a fairytale ending to a true story of friendship. >> look at those faces. we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> only a mother can love. >> i guess so.
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. a major european city remains on lockdown as authorities continue searching for terrorists tied to the paris attacks. we've got new developments coming up. a warning to drivers who leave their cars unlocked. a thief is just waiting to steal your things. we'll show you how one suspect did it and we are just three days away from the -- the annual 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade and we are live with a preview. >> right now we are following several developments for you in europe tonight as anti-terror operations continues in paris and belgium. authorities have charged a
5:31 pm
fourth person now in connection with those deadly attacks in paris. the arrest came during a series of raids over the weekend in brussells. it is the city in belgium that remains in total lockdown tonight. abc's elizabeth hur live in new york with the very latest. >> reporter: well, monica belgian officials said today they are not out of the woods just yet. they are still concerned for the public safety and that is why they are keeping those security measures in place for now. belgium's capitol armed with heavily armed police and soldiers on alert. [speaking foreign language] >> this is indicates a possible and likely threat we consider that we are still facing the same type of threats as yesterday. >> reporter: authorities explaining schools and subways will reopen on wednesday but brussells will remain under the country's highest terror alert until next monday calling the threat serious and the possible attack similar to those in paris.
5:32 pm
the prosecutor adding it's part of their ongoing anti-terror operation a fourth person has been charged in belgium this in connection with the paris attacks. abc news also learning the search for the attack's eighth suspect abdeslam is intensifying with investigator believing he is not alone and french officials are examining what looks like a explosive vest dumped. french military in the meantime confirming it has launched its first airstrikes against isis outside syria now bombing isis targets in iraq. this on the same day more victims are laid to rest as respects were paid in paris vowing to work together to defeat isis. >> we must do more to tackle the threat of returning fighters. this requires a european effort. >> reporter: as for the situation and the investigation in belgium, officials say they are being vague with details on purpose
5:33 pm
because the attackers are still out there and the threats are still looming. that is the very latest from here live in new york. i'm elizabeth hur for channel6 "action news." monica, back to you. >> thank you elizabeth. now to a story that demonstrates the strength and resolve of those folks who are currently sheltering in place in brussells. over the weekend police asked people on twitter please not to tweet or post pictures about police movement so that the suspects won't be tipped off. well, people complied with that and they did one better they started posting pictures of cats on twitter with the #brussells lockdown. >> reporter: caused confusion if nothing else in case the suspects were monitoring. new loss of imagination. posts with darth cat or a cat on a unicorn and later a bunch of cats sitting together saying we are all in in this together. >> french president francois hollande has launched his ink tense diplomatic push to build a multinational task force to fight isis. he'll meet with president obama at the white house.
5:34 pm
today hollande pretty with david cam are and in paris. both men visited the bataclan where 89 people died in a make schiff memorial was built to honor the victims. after his meeting in washington the french president will head to moscow for talks with vladimir putin. those familiar with the talks hollande wants the u.s. russia and france to coordinate their methods and intelligence to battle isis. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the strategy against isis as well as the latest developments in those anti terror raids in brussells and paris. you can watch that tonight at 6:30 right after "action news" at 6:00. >> in other news philadelphia detectives are looking for a killer tonight after a young man was shot in the head in tioga-nicetown. it happened about 90 minutes ago in the 4200 block of hick street. now authorities on the scene found a 19-year-old man with several gun shot wounds to the body. he was rushed to temple university hospital for treatment but he died. detectives have not released the victim's name or information yet about the
5:35 pm
suspect. philadelphia detectives also looking for a man who pulled off a crime of opportunity earlier this month in queen village. authorities say the man in this surveillance video was casing cars parked in the 400 block of catherine street until he found one in fact that was unlocked. he opened the door grabbed a bag and it happened to have $25,000 worth of goods inside. if you recognize that thief, please contact police. >> philadelphia mayor elect jim kenney announced some of the people who will help him lead the city in his administration. the positions were made official this afternoon at city hall. rob dee bow will continue to search as cleve finance officer. ken flee's chief administrative officer will be wrecky rebecca reinhardt budget director under mayor nutter and will focus on the way the city al indicates its resources. sheila hess and howard epps will be the commerce director. he's been the president and ceo of a business solutions
5:36 pm
company for the past eight years. >> concerned parents and students rallied late today in front of governor wolf's officer at the bellevue hotel. they say the governor is blocking scholarships for thousands of low income families who do pay tuition for part of their child's education. the group wants to lift the restriction preventing companies from using tax credits to fund elementary and high school scholarships. they say they're afraid they'll loss their funding completely if something. >> done now. >> countering down to the 96th annual dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> alicia vitarelli live at the big board. >> this is a well oiled machine a-longstanding philadelphia tradition and puttering on a parade of this size really takes a village. i got a sneak peek an inside look at the inner workings of the parade both on the parkway and on your tv screen. >> it's an incredible tradition here. we produce the parade with
5:37 pm
philadelphia in mind. it's philadelphia's parade. it's your parade. >> reporter: this is john best's 17th year heading up what he calls a three and a half hour extravaganza. this is all about the details. >> all about the details down to what costume somebody's wearing down to where they line up. >> reporter: and this is the mother ship, a staff of roughly 30 people hard at work here at our 6abc studios producing the parade, minute by minute. >> this is our board. >> reporter: the story board. >> the story board so to speak. so, we have pictures of all of our talent, all of our floats. >> reporter: this year they've booked a record 34 performances with half of the talent coming from right here at home in philadelphia. >> we have 16 of the big giant helium balloons, 10 of the smaller festive balloons, 14 marching bands from all over the united states, 17 floats. >> reporter: his co-producer maria dee ben debt tow grew up with this parade volunteering since th the age of seven with
5:38 pm
her dad who worked at gimbel's. >> it still brings tears because it's families that have grown up generation after generation on the parkway. >> reporter: speaking of the parkway today the steps of the philadelphia museum of art are getting decked out in their signature red and green. the bleachers are up and the broadcast booth is ready to roll. along with the team adam joseph and i will also be out there with the dunkin' donuts fan cam streaming live to give you an inside look at the parade you can't see anywhere else. oh, and we'lly we'll have doughnuts, 20,000 to be exact. >> everybody's so excited. they can't wait to get a munch kin doughnut or a hat. we're giving out over $15,000 worth of gift cards. >> reporter: and lots of coffee and hot chocolate too so tweet us while you're out there. the parade kicks offer at 8:30 this thursday morning with rick and cecily. of course i'll be there with adam, karen rogers as well so you guys, two days and just about 15 hours and countering 'cause you know we're countering rick 'cause we can't wait. >> you gave the wrong total for the doughnuts because half
5:39 pm
of them will be in our booth. [laughter] >> 20,000. >> reporter: yes, 20,000. >> make that 10,000 munchkins. >> reporter: you better not. >> okay, thank you. too late. all right. and as they do every year the boy scouts will be collecting canned goods along the parade route on thursday. this is all part of the 6abc holiday food drive benefiting philadbundance. every can makes a difference for families in need. >> well, it's no surprise to drivers around here but a new study shows two of the nation's worst traffic bottlenecks are right in philadelphia. coming in at 360.8 miles on the schuylkill expressway between city avenue and the roosevelt boulevard is one of the worst areas and experts estimate 700,000 hours a year are spent stuck in that spot. also coming in at 47th place of the worst, 0.3 miles stretch of the vine street expressway between the schuylkill and the north 24th street exit. they say 300,000 hours are year are wasted there. i have been in both of those
5:40 pm
many times. i'm one of them. we're all in this together. >> not me. no, i do, i go right through it. speaking of traffic and some of the headaches, matt pelman back in our "action news" traffic center with an update. 42 moving pretty good looks like matt, hm. >> it's getting better yeah. it was definitely locked up. we'll check in with number 47 in just a second rick and monica. this is 42 northbound side still quite heavy from 544 to 295. in the northbound lanes of 295 by the white horse pike is where we had that crash. it was blocking a couple lanes for about an hour. that crash has now cleared but you're still looking at slow speeds coming north of national park and headed towards 42 on 676 in camden southbound side a sea of taillights because of a crash approaching the north-south freeway taking out a lane. if you're coming off the ben franklin bridge, keep going on the admiral wilson boulevard. don't get on 676 southbound. this is 95 southbound at allegheny avenue. crash that was in the left lane during the last half hour is now pushed off to the side but southbound still plenty heavy from woodhaven on down
5:41 pm
to towards center city and in center city here is our number 47 bottleneck, this is the vine by the schuylkill. vine will close again tonight at 11 o'clock for construction and then tomorrow night again but after that, they'll be suspended for the holiday. holiday coming up. we'll check the holiday traffic again tomorrow rick and monica. >> thank you matt. much more still to come on "action news" monday night. two dogs an potbelly pig strike an unconventional friendship after being abandoned by the side of the road. we'll explain how you can give them a happy ending. >> the day after another embarrassing eagles loss. ducis rodgers with more from chip kelly on what is next. adam. >> monica it's certainly feeling like winter at the beginning of the week. 33 is your wind chill right now in philadelphia, just teens to the north but don't get used to it. we're talking about a big warmup in time for thanksgiving coming up in that seven day. >> all right, we'll look forward to that. we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> okay.
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>> pet lovers beware. this story might tug at your heart strings a bit. a berks county animal shelter is hoping someone has room for this unique trio of best friends. meet pickles and paprika two pomeranian mixes and their partner in crime patti the
5:45 pm
potbelly pig. workers at the animal rescue league have dubbed the crew triple p. they say they sleep together, play together even go on walks together. pickles likes to hitch a ride every now and then apparently. the shelter says they've received hundreds of inquiries so far but 33 haven't made a decision. someone has sponsored the adoption fee so this group will be free to go to the right home. >> very sweet. >> got to go as trio. >> yes, i got it. very cute. ducis is here and this is got 10 to be a mess for us right. what's happening with the eagles and every other team we just can't get it going. >> the eagles look about as bad as i've seen them look in the past couple years. this was ugly. the first question to clip chip today did it look any better a day later. he was blunt and no it didn't. coach was quick to add that he and the team need to move on and get ready for thursday's game at detroit. we'll move on for now. sam bradford returned to practice today on a limited basis. he missed yesterday's game with a concussion and that shoulder injury.
5:46 pm
no word yet if he'll be cleared to play on thursday. ryan matthews zach ertz and thornton missed practice. seats son has gone sideways from the very beginning but chip says he isn't panicking yet. >> last two games i think sometimes people panic and throw the baby out with the bath water. >> it's our job and it's our job to come here and work hard and get it corrected and i know that everybody wants there because we don't -- we he don't like losing. >> we all know what we got to do to get ready for thursday. everybody is going to take care of their bodies and we he ran around a bit in practice. >> eagles run did he first was good at the beginning of the year. was shredded. do you go martin ran for 235 yards. the bucs had a franchise record 283 yards rushing. eagles couldn't tackle. jaemis winston the rookie quarterback out of florida state he had 4td passes. he had five against the birds
5:47 pm
yesterday. mark sanchez was turnover prone again. three more interceptions, this one returned for a touchdown in the 45-17 defeat. embarrassing was a word we heard often in the locker room after the game. >> i think it was frustration. i think after this one it's just embarrassing. >> it was bad all around. it was bad everywhere. obviously very disapp pointing. >> just embarrassed. we're not used to doing that around here. not used to being a part that of. >> just a punch in the gut. a reality check. you got to sink your teeth in this film. you can't overlook the small things or anything. >> all right, the flyers they're back home to host the carolina hurricanes tonight. flyers are a bad hockey team right now. they've lost 11 of their last 13 games. there will be one reason to clear tonight. brined moore is in the house. former center will be inducted into the hall of fame. he spent nine seasons here. he had app special bond with the fans and he knows exactly
5:48 pm
why that came to be. >> playing here what was special is the way the crowd and the way they are, they demand a lot out of you but if you -- this is how i felt was if you gave that honest effort every night they left you alone you know what i mean. if you were losing or if you weren't playing up to par you gave them their money's worth then you're okay. >> they he should play that clip in the eagles locker room. >> there you go. >> the sixers in action tonight. stop me if you've heard this before but they're looking for their first victory of the season they take on minnesota. >> thanks ducis. >> the salvation army staging its massive thanksgiving to go event for the less fortunate. volunteers prepping 4,000 meals here at 4050 conshohocken avenue in wynnefield heights. 900 families will get turkey dressing sides and pumpkin pie to make a meal at home for their families. it does take three days to make all of this food and the pickups are today tomorrow and
5:49 pm
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>> get a check of accuweather and adam is here to talk about the wintry start to the week. >> temperatures well above normal for they're and black friday so a good turn around here? you have the in time. as we look at double scan live radar we had a few clouds especially north of philadelphia early on today
5:52 pm
and a couple of snow showers up in the poconos but overall a pretty quiet but cold start to this very short work week for most of us. as we look at the action cam out earlier, looking up seeing a few of those cumulus clouds and there you can see that wind. it was at work today really dropping those wind chills through much of the afternoon. as we look at the numbers in philadelphia, our high today was 10 degrees below the average of 53 degrees. the low this morning only 3 degrees below the normal of 37. and the record set back in 1880 of 10 degrees was one of the coldest november temperatures we've seen in philadelphia's history. so, it doesn't get much lower than that this time of year. 30 degrees in trenton, 22 right now the poconos is how it feels with that wind chill. 29 in reading. feels lick 2 like 27 in lancast. the winds you felt through much of the day today is thankfully going to relax here overnight tonight and especially early in the
5:53 pm
morning. as we look at the satellite and radar, there you can see that ribbon of moisture with the clouds and even a few of those snow showers that broke away from the lakes earlier today but that has pretty much evaporated. we look to the west, you can see this area of clouds. that's a little bit of energy in the atmosphere that will roll through late tonight early tomorrow morning and then as that bypasses us to the north and east, you can look to the west. high pressure in control and very quiet across much of the country and that's a good thing and that's the way it's going to stay right through the big travel day on wednesday. so, clear and calm tonight. the coldest night in eight months. 23 in the suburbs to 30 degrees for center city. and that high pressure working its way a little farther to the east tomorrow. again, not as much wind on tuesday, lots of sunshine, 4 degrees below average at 49 but at least we're moving up from today's 43 degrees and then that high pushes to the north and east. and we'll call eight smooth traveit a smoothtravel day 53 d.
5:54 pm
it's not only dry from maine many maine right down the eastern seaboard but even into the plain states just a few clouds none big weather makers east of the rockies for the travel day. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast sunny but still a little chill in the air tomorrow at 49. no travel issues sun just a few clouds 53 and much warmer come thanksgiving itself and for our thanksgiving parade 42 degrees at 8 o'clock 52 by 10 o'clock and 60 by noon. dare i say some of us may have to take off the jackets before the parade ends and we hit 64 in the afternoon and then it's breezy and very warm come friday at 68 degrees. but then the cold front comes through and it's a pretty strong front with a few showers saturday turning windy cooler in the afternoon 54 and then sunday into monday sunshine, a few clouds late on monday and high temperatures only in the upper 40's. so, looking pretty good here as we get into the end of the
5:55 pm
week, guys. >> perfect. >> could we see young jacob on thursday perhaps? >> he'll be down there. now that the weather is good he's coming down. >> i know he'll love it. >> i'm can coming down there, too, since the weather is good. >> you have to be there. [laughter] >> all right thanks adam. keep checking in at 6abc/weather for updated forecast as they're approaches g approaches and storm tracker6 live radar shows you the minute any changes begin to happen.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> a delaware county woman has this new natural gas oven at her home courtesy of peco. she entered her favorite recipe to make wild cooking with natural gas as part of peco's fuel the flavor. out of a thousands entries hers was shreked. she and her family got a special lunch prepared by a professional chef. >> very nice. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more coming up next at 6:00 a couple homicide in the port richmond section pushes philadelphia's murder rate higher than last year.
5:58 pm
just as some folks prepare to travel this thanksgiving we'll show you the new screenings being used by the t.s.a. >> plus the gift of life found through a misplaced craigslist ad. the mistake that helped this new jersey woman find a kidney donor. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night. "action news" at 6:00 is next. >> good night.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> it is monday night and the
6:00 pm
big story on "action news" tonight is the 3600 block of jasper street in the port richmond section of philadelphia. this was the scene late today of a deadly double shooting. two men were fatally shot in the head. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live at the scene. christie what do we know so far? >> reporter: well, jim police have spent the last three hours combing through this home where they say two men were shot inside. when medics arrived just after 3:00 both victims were pronounced dead and now family and friends struggle the make sense of the gun violence gripping their neighborhood. weeping fills the 3600 block of jasper street. police confirm two males were shot and killed inside this port richmond home and are now searching for whoever pulled the trigger. the identity of the victims nor their ages have been released but residents who didn't want their faces


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